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Grain Market is an easy to use Merchant Bid notification system and powerful price trend analysis and graphing tool. Grain Market provides a cost-effective and comprehensive real time monitoring service that will notify you of changes in bids and key events via email or sms, as they happen. You stay on the ball, round the clock, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. And with the new Mobile App, you can receive notifications, log on to the portal, and secure the bid - all from your phone!

Grain Market is a WA company operated by local staff with extensive experience in the sale of grain. We understand the process of producing and selling grain in WA. Our aim is to provide you with a cost effective means of staying up date on pricing trends and bid amounts, and streamline the process of selling your grain.

Grain Market is not affiliated or linked with any single merchant or producer, and we provide a comprehensive listing of merchants who notify us of bids.

All bids are immediately entered into the system, and instantly become available to all Grain Market Subscribers. And if you have placed a target notification on a relevant bid, the system will instantly transmit an sms or email to you to ensure that you have the best opportunity to secure the bid as soon as possible.

We know that the sale of your grain at the best possible price is fundamental to the success of your business, but we also understand that running that business is time consuming and takes a lot of hard work. You need to be focussed on the day-to-day business of your operations - not chasing up merchants and wasting time on expired bids.

The Grain Market on-line portal and mobile app harness the power of the web to enable you to simply and easily access and act on the most current, up-to-date data available. At the same time, you can compare historical data, and analyse price trends using a range of graphical and charting options.

As a GrainMarket Subscriber you become part of the wider Grain Market network. Your portal gives you access to contact details for a range of merchants and other related suppliers - as well as producers such as yourself (if you so choose). Grain Market is the most simple and effective means of securing the sale of your produce at the best possible price - but beyond that, it also helps you to access a network of key contacts, suppliers, and fellow producers.


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